The Arbiter

Nick Martins, Staff Writer

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The floor was pitch black along with the walls and ceiling. I don’t think I’ve ever been in or have seen anything so black and empty. Suddenly an entity appeared, glowing ever so brightly. It was indistinguishable from anything I’ve ever seen. Hell, it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen. It was far off in the distance but it seemed as if it were right there in front of me. The room was loudly silent. The floors, walls, and ceiling were still nothing but black. I expected the light from the entity to illuminate to the room, if you could even consider the place I’m in a room. I was in absolute terror yet I felt safe and secure, a real warmth the closer I walked to the entity. My vision was faint and unclear whenever I looked to the empty void. But when I looked at the entity my vision became coherent and straightforward. So I ran. As fast as I could, I ran to the entity. Suddenly I felt a strange force pulling me away from the bright glowing entity.

“Hold there my child. I have summoned you for a reason, I am the Arbiter. I created the universe with a single breath. I invented the concepts of mathematics and science,” his voice was deep and rugged, “I am the cause of life, death, war, peace, religion, I am the cause of every aspect of this universe. I am the ultimate micromanager.”

“Why have you summoned me?” I asked, “As a matter of fact who am I.”

“Whilst you are here in my domain you will forget your sentient identity,” The Arbiter said, “I am not sure what they call you on whatever sentient planet you’re from or whatever non sentient being you once were but nonetheless you, along with the countless others will all see me at the end of their life cycle. And your only purpose here to ask me three questions that marvel your mind and I am to answer all of them. Then you will carry that knowledge to some extent into your next reincarnation. So my son, ask away.”

“Why do you exist?” I asked.

I waited a long and weary life span in silence. The Arbiter remained there glowing brightly. I studied it in great detail for nearly half of my time waiting. I noticed that it consisted of a texture never seen before. As if a lay out of the universe in the shape of figure of some kind. During the life long wait of boredom, suicidal thoughts, and attempts at remembering who I was before traveling to this place, I begin to answer the question for myself.

“Wrong, my son. I am here because I was created to create law, peace, chaos, destruction, and concepts beyond any sentient thinking.,” The Arbiter said sounding offended.

“Are my thoughts not safe?” I said enraged.

“Your thoughts? Ha!” The Arbiter gave a hardy laugh, “The thoughts of one are the thoughts of all. I like you spirit walker. But you have much to learn and with only one question remaining reaching enlightenment is several eternities away.”

“My last question wasn’t a question sir,” I said respectfully.

“Incorrect, your last question was in fact a question. You only have one question remaining,” he said.

“Then answer me this Arbiter. Will you teach me everything?” I asked.

“Yes, I suppose I could. You may know all the secrets that exist and is to come, although if you use these secrets in your next life to affect other sentient life or non sentient life, you will be sought after by my righteous creations to be slain out of existence,” he said lacking emotion, “What will become of you outside of my Universe will not be up to me. Whether it be punishment or reward I will not have any quarrel, as long as you’re out of my Universe.”

“I agree to your terms, I am ready to learn almighty Arbiter,” I said.

Suddenly, the entity known as the Arbiter turned grew to an incredible size. Beyond size of several continents, a vast ocean of stars, planets, and solar systems. It took the form of man, I don’t know how I recognized it but somehow I just knew. Deep down in the bowels of my erased memories I remembered my past lives. He started to move his hands toward me. I had walls of stars, planets, and solar systems to my left and right. My head began to to thump violently as the hands began to discharge an indescribable intangible essence. I then began to see and almost live through the next lives to come. I screamed loudly because of the pain being felt. The Arbiter cunningly noted that we were only getting started.

I felt a numbing and pulsing energy surging through every atom of my body. I placed my hands on my head to ease the pain. My hands slipped straight through my head and then past each other. Out of fear I flinch and get my hands out of my head. My body began to outline in a light blue texture as I became light headed. I have never felt this power before in my past lives, let alone my future lives. My skin pigment started to conjure. I was expecting some distinct coloration like the outline of my body, but all I saw were bones forming from nothing. Then came tissues and organs of different variety and finally, skin. My vision began to float away from behind my head. I saw myself and the Arbiter.

“Feel the power and understand the responsibilities of being Arbiter. Power beyond all, including yourself,” he said, “Good luck in your endeavours, I know you will do great things. You already overthrew an Arbiter and became one yourself.”

“What are you talking about Arbiter?” I asked.

“Refer to me as spirit walker from now on like everyone else,” he said, “And when I was Arbiter educating you I foresaw my own downfall by your hand. I explored different outcomes changing every aspect of my own world in the blink of a second. Nothing could’ve stopped this from happening and if we’re being honest. I kind of wanted this to happen.”

“Have you tried not giving me power in the first place?” I asked.

“Of course I have, know that my,” he paused. “Your word is truth. Besides I do not want to be Arbiter anymore.”

“Well tell me how to give your power back, the power of the almighty authoritarian is to much to bare. I sense it now in fact, I see it in the relative future,” I said.

“You and I both know that can’t happen, you are bound by the rules set by your predecessor. I am ever so glad,” he said, “Now. Send me to my next life.”

“I damn you to seven lifes of horrid reincarnations. Each lasting longer and more depressing than the last,” I said with a thundering voice.

“Goodbye, see you soon. Arbiter,” he said laughing.

My eyes soared from watching the figure that was once my mine and flew behind the entity. My entity. My eternal embodiment until of course, I find a victim for myself. My eyes flew into my new body. I shrunk into the man sized glowing entity that my predecessor knew so well.

“Oh, how original Arbiter,” he said sarcastically.

“I revoke all the knowledge and power you gained whilst you were Arbiter,      ” I said whilst absorbing a visible blue stream of what seemed like electricity from his forehead.

“Where. Where am I?” he questioned.

I evaporated him into a world I just created where he’d spend most of his time alone. Letting insanity take its course. Suddenly Another spirit walker arrived or so I thought. It was my predecessor. He was absolutely clueless as to who he was and what he is. I sent off into his second life. This situation happened several times more. I also met other spirits that either died or who reached a high level of spirituality. This happened so often, I was never really bored. But when my predecessor was ready to be reincarnated I just knew it was him. Sending his consciousness into his next life, time and time again. So it is with every spirit walker that met me.

The tradition of enlightening spirit walkers with three questions before their reincarnation is no more. I simply introduce myself and explain existence in a more broad way of understanding. I must do this due to the rules set before me, set before time and space. If I do not enlighten spirit walkers before reincarnation then I am replaced and sentenced to an eternity outside of existence. I do have to enlighten them with something new every time they’re ready for reincarnation.

So this is my life. I cannot incarnate a body in my universe. So I stay here in my own plane of existence. Educating those placed in the system. In return I am given knowledge from my superiors. As to who they are, I have no idea. I am Arbiter. I create. I destroy. That’s all that matters.

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