The Plagued Oasis: Part Seven

Nick Martins, Staff Writer

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Akela was sewing a piece cloth to a hat. She laid on a silk mattress next to the throne with Kha’em’s fraternal twin children. Guards to his left and right stood honorably.  The throne room was full of pedestals. Each pedestal held a weapon or an artifact passed down from elders. Kha’em sat in his throne contemplating watching the tall doors that nearly touched the ceiling. Suddenly they opened. Tabia hastily walked to Kha’em’s throne. She kneels before him.

“Report?” Kha’em questioned.

“Aye sir, my army and I were spied on by Aufaa’s scouts. My men disarmed them and captured them. One of them a harmless orphan. The other was Aufaa’s first born. He is now dead. According to Idma religion, the father’s consciousness reincarnates passed down to their first born boy. And the mother’s consciousness reincarnates in her first born girl. Now, if their child dies then they cannot be reincarnated.”

“Damn it! Why did you let this happen? You’re one of the best!” Kha’em said, “We have broken the temporary peace agreement, Tabia do you know what this means?! Aczen’s arms go to the Idma empire.”

“Sir, that can’t happen. My men won’t betray Aczen they’ve been raised since birth pledge loyalty to their birthland, the same as I,” she said.

“Aye, and not only that if we don’t Aczen will have a war on three fronts,” Kha’em said.

“Hasn’t it always been that way sir?” She asked.

“Aczen had three enemies and those enemies were enemies with themselves,” he said, “The agreement said that if one betrays the agreement all other empires will join as one. They will be at our door step to claim our arms, and if our arms are unwilling to hand themselves in then war will pillage through our streets. More importantly the Oasis.”

“Sir, what are you saying?” She said with fearful tone of voice.

“Nothing at all Tabia, I am just speaking what my mind is telling me,” he said, “But the other scout, the orphan where is he now?”

“He is outside the throne room waiting, I was going to get to that eventually, I just wanted to know what we were going to do with our more dangerous situation,” she said.

“Bring him before me!! Guards!! With Haste!!” Kha’em yelled.

Ozier was escorted by the two guards. They carried him by his elbows, making him hang slightly, and drag across the throne room floor. Stopping in front of the steps to the throne, Akela looked up from her knitting and was in shock. She let the hat she was working on fall. Her jaw dropped, her hands were trembling, and there was a nervous twitch in her eye. Kha’em’s eyes squinted slightly.

“You look familiar. Haven’t I seen you before?” Kha’em questioned.

“It can’t be…” Akela said under her breath.

Suddenly all the attention was drawn to her. Kha’em looked at her hoping there would be an answer.

“You’re the baker aren’t you?!” She said enthusiastically, “From my home village? Well why are you affiliated with this talk of Idman scouts friend?”

“Darling, I told you to stay out of Aczen’s business,” Kha’em said.

“Don’t you darling me, I can hear what I want to hear. That’s why the divine creator gave me ears!!” She began yelling.

“Calm yourself please my love,” Kha’em said.

“I am Ozier, I am nothing but a desert wanderer. I don’t remember anything from my past, it is as if I born weeks ago,” he said.

“Pleasure to meet you, but it is unfortunate that you are apart of another empire. I regret to say this but, Ozier. You are to be executed at dawn,” Kha’em said, “You will possibly be salted or I might leave it up to the torturer.”

Tabia looked at Kha’em with a fiery rage in her eye. Ozier looked down at the throne room floor. Akela took notice of the faces around the room.

“Sir, but he could help us in the northwestern front,” Tabia said.

“No. Tabia he is an Idman. He shall be punished as so,” Kha’em said.

“As long as it is painless and rather fast, I have no problem, sir,” Ozier said.

“It will not be quick and painless but slow and torturing,” Kha’em said. “You will be experiencing the most pain, agony has to offer. You traitor.”

“So be it, Emperor,” Ozier said.

“Guards! Send our visitor here to the dungeon!” Two guards approached behind Ozier, grabbed him by the elbows again, and dragged him out of the throne room.

“Sir, he was a valuable asset. At least let me interrogate him for information,” she said.

“You may, but only at dusk,” Kha’em said.

Tabia saluted by hitting her chest with her right fist, walked out of the throne room, and shut the large doors behind her. Kha’em got up from his throne and took a side door exit in the corner of the throne room. Akela followed hastily. The fraternal twins stayed, played with their toys, and was guarded by five heavily armored men.