The Plagued Oasis: Part Eight

Nick Martins, Staff Writer

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“You told me, he was never going to show up again! What is going on?!” Kha’em said.

“Well the priest told me he’d take care of him Kha’em, I can’t do anything. I left him in the desert, I did my job and he should’ve done his,” Akela said.

“Well what can we do? I mean we have to do something, the war is more concerning than this,” he said.

“Go to the dungeon, find him and ask him about his childhood. If he doesn’t remember then that means the priest did his job, if does remember then I have a problem to deal with when nightfall arrives,” she said.

“Then what?” he said.

“Tell the headmaster at the dungeon to execute him in whatever way he pleases,” She said.

“Great idea, what about Tabia?” he asked.

“Send her back to the front lines in the northeastern district. If she refuses deem it treason and have the headmaster execute her as well. Again as he pleases,” she said.

Kha’em walked through the side door and appeared in his throne room. He casually walked to his throne and sat down. Akela walked by him and joined the children on the mat. The guards stand down from the children. Two stay by Kha’em’s side, another two by the entrance, and the last one patrolled up and down the aisle.

Tabia quickly ran down the long spiral in the Palace almost bumping into several nobles of the house, who were kind enough to advise her to slow down. Suddenly she stood in front of a hallway dimly lit with dying torches. A foul stench crept into her nose and was as painful as breathing in the vacuum of space. There were iron cell bars to her right and she peeked into each one until she found Ozier in the ninth cell. Tabia got on one knee and Ozier sat up against the cell bar frame.

“Hey,” she said.

“I thought I’d never get to see you again before I’d die here,” he said with excitement.

“Well here I am Ozier,” she said, “I’m getting you out of here.”

A shirtless man wearing leather and hide pants approached Tabia whilst she was jiggering at the lock with a dagger. Tabia and Ozier didn’t notice him witnessing them attempting to escape. The man carefully and silently drew his sword from his holster.

“You better give me a good reason why you’re letting that Idman scout out of his cell… General,” the man said.

Tabia turned around and looked at the man quickly out of terror. Ozier crawled in the corner of his cell in fear of the man.

“I need to interrogate him watchman, apologies,” she said.

“Why didn’t you ask me to get him for you?” The watchman question, “ not only that. Why don’t you just question him now instead of trying to break one of my locks?”

“Listen, let me free him., please.” she said.

“The emperor has summoned his death. In fact he has scheduled an interrogation and is bound to appear momentarily,” the watchman.

“When will he be executed?” she asked.

“The break of dawn or when the emperor awakens from his slumber.” he said.

“Understood,” she said.