The Plagued Oasis: Part Ten

Nick Martins, Staff Writer

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Kha’em was interrogating Ozier. He sat by his cell innocently unable to answer any of Kha’em’s questions.

“Your past Ozier, attempt to remember?” Kha’em said.

“I don’t know anything sir, I am sorry,” Ozier said.

“So be it,” Kha’em said.

“Will my death quick and painless?” Ozier asked.

“Yes, of course son,” Only seconds after did Kha’em notice what he said.

“Excuse me?” Ozier said.

“I was speaking to the sun Idma spy,” Kha’em said.

“What is the sun saying?” Ozier became oddly suspicious.

“You are lucky that this cell of yours keeps me out. I’d kill you right now for thinking that I am insane,” Kha’em said.

“You are acting rather strange emperor,” Ozier said.

Tabia approached silently behind Kha’em and saluted. Her armor clanging together made Kha’em startled. She glanced at Ozier whilst Kha’em got up from his knee.

“And why is my general here and not at in the front lines of the Northwestern districts?” Kha’em questioned.

“I ask for the release of this prisoner,” she said.

“Your reasoning?” He questioned again.

Tabia drew her sword and placed the tip on his neck. Kha’em shook slightly before smirking sinisterly at Tabia. Suddenly a grunt from behind led Tabia to turn swiftly and slash directly where her back was. The watchmen of the dungeon bled from his stomach. He fell like a tree that was cut down. Kha’em snuck up behind Tabia and drew a small dagger to her throat.

“Did you really think you’d get a chance to kill me? Emperor of Aczen! Ha!” He laughed.

“Damn you!” Tabia yelled.

Ozier grabbed a rock that he chipped off the wall hours ago. Pushing it through the cell bars and grabbing it with both hands he smashed it behind Kha’em’s head.

“Oh my… You did it!” Tabia yelled in excitement.

“Yea! Let’s get out of here before he wakes up,” Ozier said.

“I doubt he’ll wake up but we shall see soon,” Tabia said searched the watchmen’s corpse, “Ah the keys.”

Tabia and Ozier ran up a level and out the back of the palace. Nightfall shielded them from anyone else’s vision. Through the barracks they stole a camel and rode to the main path to arrive to the Northwestern districts. Looking back at the bridge to the palace they see a fire.

“It appears there’s a soldier being mobbed,” Ozier said.

“Oh my,” Tabia said.

“We must help somehow,” he said.

“No. There is nothing we can do,” she said.

“Do you know that man?” he asked.

“I can’t really see,” she said.

She pulled on the leads of the camel and it began walking down the path to the Northwestern districts. Ozier with his head turned back dropped his jaw when he saw the soldier get consumed by the flames.

“To whatever god there is, bless your soul,” he said.

“The religious type?” she asked.

“No, I said that just in case he was religious.” he said.

“I understand,” she said.

Suddenly the ground began to rumble. Aczen soldiers, rode camels and ran on foot relentlessly toward Kade. And with them a large cloud of sand dust. Tabia and Ozier’s vision became limited to several feet in front of them for short moments. They cover their faces with a cloth wrappings, leaving their eyes covered by a see-through strip of cloth.

“Where am I? Hello!?” a man yelled passing Ozier and Tabia’s camel.

“Sir, wait? Sergeant Sudi! What’s happening?” Tabia asked.

“The Idma. They attacked. The farm lands are burning in an inferno, men killed in combat, villagers were killed for sport, and the remaining forces fleeing to Kade.”

“How many fleeing?” she asked.

“Seven cells, maybe ten cells ma’am and we’re being followed by Idman savages,” he said in a frightened tone of voice, “And a majority of the men are blinded by the sands or injured. They are survivors not soldiers anymore.”

“Damn it. Alright, give me your hand Sudi,” she said.

Tabia tied his left wrist to a rope. Holding onto it, Tabia and Ozier turn the camel around, and headed for Kade. Sergeant Sudi walked on the right side of the camel. This uniform was covered in sand. He kept wiping his eyes only to get them drenched in sand by the large stampede of soldiers.

“Sudi you will survive to see another day don’t you worry,” Tabia yelled as she yanked on the camel leads.

Suddenly yelling from behind and more thundering rumbling made everyone running for their lives fear death even more.

“The savages, they’re behind us,” Sudi screamed in terror.

“We can make it back to Kade it’s only a short distance away,” she yelled.

“No, I am only holding you back. Sorry,” he said.

“What?” She was confused.

Before Tabia knew it, Sergeant Sudi cut the rope wrapped around his left wrist with his dagger.

“Go on without me!” Sudi yelled as drew his sword in his other hand and blindly ran into the fray.

“You’re either that brave Sudi, or a fool,” Tabia said under her breath as she yanked the leads on the camel.

Soldiers began to close the gates. Tabia Shouted to keep them open and amongst the chaos they did not hear her irrelevant voice. There was a narrow pass in between the gates and she took the opportunity to ride through. Tabia and Ozier made it in time. They took refuge in one of the homes.

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The Plagued Oasis: Part Ten