The Plagued Oasis: Part Eleven

Nick Martins, Staff Writer

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The city of Kade was on lockdown. It has been a week ever since that fateful night, when the Idma savages attacked. The Fidu and Iasbaha joined the Idma and have surrounded Kade. They gave Aczen three days to surrender. Aczen is overdue on their surrender. The sun shined oppressively during the day. The opposing empires attempted their invasion during the night which gave Aczen time to repair and install new defenses during the day.

The Citizens were put to work. Kha’em gave daily propaganda speeches. Saying that if you surrender you’d be put into slave work and starved to death. He gave out a plentiful amount of food to his people. As his final good deed in the end times of the empire.

The Oasis caught on fire, spreading uncontrollably. A cloud of smoke covered the sun from the east in the mornings. Without any reflection from the sun, the water looked like black tar. The crops from all the empires were burning an endless flame. It is only a matter of time before the Oasis came to an end.

“We can’t keep hiding in these houses, switching every hour!” Ozier yelled.

“Keep your voice down,” Tabia said.

There was a smell of fire in the breeze that flew into the house. It was noon, and the citizens were told to stay indoors. Sweat covered their bodies, as if they went for a swim in the lake. The citizens that owned the home died in the streets because of heat exhaustion. Their only child lives in the same house under the care of Tabia and Ozier.

“Ozier, you need to relax. We’re gonna make it. Try and get some rest,” Tabia said.

“In this heat. Impossible,” he uttered in an impatient tone, “And I can’t relax. We have to take care of some infant whilst we’re on the run.”     

“We’ll just improvise and maybe everything will be alright,” She expressed optimistically.

“Yea whatever,” he responded.

The infant cried from upstairs. Tabia went up to check up on him. The light blankets on its cradle was soaked in its sweat. She picked him up and held him in her arms. Tabia walked back down stairs and sat in an old rocking chair. The infant calmed itself and remained silent.

“He’ll be dead by tomorrow morning Tabia. Just give him to the neighbors next door. They seem to know how to take care of it,” Ozier said.

“Don’t just call him it.” she stated strongly.

“Give it a name then, like you did with me,” he said.

“Well I’m not that creative,” she responded.

“Damn the infant. We should give it to those neighbors,” Ozier became frustrated, “We can not take care of a child Tabia. We have too much on our hands at the moment.”

“Like what? A couple of guards? We can definitely take them on,” she said.

“If you don’t hand that child to the neighbors before sunset I will,” Ozier said.

And so Tabia did just that. She gave away the child she promised to keep safe. Unfortunately, Tabia and Ozier had to depart from their current house and hide somewhere else. Sunset started and with it search parties. Aczen soldiers dedicated to finding the traitorous general and her accessory stormed through every building. Searching in all of the possible hiding spots. In cellars, attics, behind furniture, and under floor boards. Tabia and Ozier switched houses every so often to lose any traces of themselves.

Walls were being climbed by the opposing empires. Aczen guards, using spears, jabbed them as they came to the top. The fire at dusk glowed like stars in the night sky. The Oasis is coming to an end. Everyone knew it in their heads. But this grudge in their guts, toil with their intellectual guidance. If the Oasis of Infinity is going to die then they would take anyone along with it. Kha’em escorted by his top warriors, start their own search party. Roaming the streets they encounter Tabia and Ozier stealthily hiding in plain citizen outfits. Tabia lifted her hood from over her head, dropped her cloak, and drew arms against the search party.

“Ozier, my son. You must come with me!” Kha’em pleaded, “You can bring the wench with you if you must but, you must come along!”

“Father. I can not. You tried to rid of me. I am no longer your son.” Ozier said.

“Ozi- damned it! Nizam! That is your real name. Come with me! Please!” Kha’em yelled.

“Do not listen to these traitorous words Ozier. Your father is no longer your father!”

“Whore! Lier! How dare you!” Kha’em was outraged, “Listen we shall escape together, give me some time to explain. Please! You must!” Kha’em got on his knees, “Trust me this one time. We will escape together and head east for this new place. Near a large river where crops grow fuller, and taste amazing. I think they call their kingdom Egypt.”

“I, I. I don’t know what to say. But You can assure me, she comes along with me?” Ozier asked.  

“Yes, yes. Of course, she may come along with us,” Kha’em declared hopelessly.

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The Plagued Oasis: Part Eleven