Senior Farewells 2018

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Lamisa Sheikh, Julianne Lesch, and Michael Parke

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Being a part of Newspaper has been a very distinctive aspect of high school for me. I walked into A-54 one Thursday morning for the first meeting of my freshman year, and just walked out of my last after four years. I’m glad to have watched The Scarlet change over the years; its move on to an online platform and the addition of The Hawks Tail. I’m also grateful for the three years of being editor and getting to read everyone’s stories and seeing their talents. And of course, it has been a pleasure having Mr. Caz as an adviser all this time. I’m sad to say goodbye to our trademark Thursday morning meetings but am excited to see where The Scarlet will go next. Good luck to the staff members and leadership to come!

– Lamisa Sheikh

At the beginning of my Sophomore year, joining Newspaper wasn’t even a thought of mine until I saw all my friends joining. Though mob mentality is often a bad thing, it seems that I’ve found the one exception to the rule. Throughout my four years at MHS, my decision to join newspaper will stand out to be one of my better ones, as this small part of my life for the past three years will be something that I will remember fondly. With the being said, best of luck to the remaining staff for the years to come 🙂

– Julianne Lesch

I had a wonderful time in Newspaper. I’m glad that I joined. Goodbye.

– Michael Parke