Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s Divorce Could Cost Him Big

Nuno Mestre, Staff Writer

After 25 years of being married, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his divorce with ex-wife MacKenzie Tuttle over twitter on January 9, 2019 after having a supposed affair with another woman.

The tweet announcing Jeff Bezos’s split from MacKenzie Tuttle, via Jeff Bezos’s Twitter

The richest man in the world, sitting at a net worth of $112 Billion according to the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, could be losing millions in shares of the companies stock and a good chunk of his net worth. News reports have claimed that Bezos’s divorce could cost him around $60 Billion of his net worth. 

While Jeff Bezos would no longer be the richest man in the world, MacKenzie Tuttle would become the world’s richest woman.

The reason for the split originated a month prior when Tuttle found out Bezos was seeing another woman by the name of Lauren Sanchez. Bezos is claimed to have met up with Sanchez at both his own home and her’s, flying together on his $65 million dollar Gulf Stream jet. While they were apart, they sent text messages that left very little to the imagination. In addition to several suggestive texts, Bezos repeatedly told Sanchez that he loved her, claiming “I love you. I am in love you.” The little secret did not last long, as Sanchez began to brag to her friends about the affair. It is believed that her friends then forwarded explicit pictures of Bezos to the National Enquirer for further investigation. Lauren’s failure to keep the secret safe may have costed Bezos his relationship.

As for Amazon, business should continue to operate smoothly.

CNN Business predicts that no more that 16% of the shares will continue to be held by Mackenzie, which is not nearly enough to exert any control. Also, Bezos’s original power in Amazon stemmed from his leadership ability and his large share hold in the company. While his share hold remains, time will tell if Bezos will be affected by the money and time spent finalizing the divorce from Mackenzie Tuttle. 

It is likely Amazon will remain very successful – the only change is that its CEO may no longer have the title of the richest man in the world.