Last Day of School

Amelia Valente, Staff Writer

This phrase has been given a positive connotation

“The last day of school”

Freedom from work, responsibility and educational assimilation

It yields a different meaning to me now

A much more grim representation

Of the society I live in

And the deadly flaws of our nation


For some students, this phrase

Will preserve its innocence and simplicity

For many others

It will sound like their own grim reality

It will be the last day of school

For the kids who don’t return home that day

The teachers that heroically saved that day


The gunman who had been spotted on school grounds that day.


Our leaders fall silent

While children are denied the chance to live

Our leaders fall silent

Sending thoughts and prayers like they are combative

To the deadly glorification and

Access to guns in this country

For this, is something I refuse to forgive


If our own country won’t stand up for us

who will?


Please don’t let this be my last day of school.