ABC’s of Love

Amelia Valente, Staff Writer

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All over the world, kids are falling in love

Because of this new age, it is harder though

Calls and texts replace experiences and conversations while

Deciphering emotionless and detached messages

Eclipse the love you swear has been there all along

Fight for your love instead of settling for something uninspired

Give your love room to grow

Hold it delicately because love nowadays requires constant care, although we are

Inclined to believe that our love is not valid

Just because we grow up unsure of how to

Keep the negative and disparaging voices out of our heads

Letting society govern how we view our love

Many will fall into a trap that society has already set for us

Never admitting that the love we felt was real because we would

Only be mocked

Pretending that we were “too young to know what love was”

Questioning our own feelings

Realizing we made a horrible mistake

Settling for the idea that kids cannot know love

Teaches us that our feelings aren’t valid

Until we are at an age at which society decides they are.

Value the kids of this society because sometimes we forget that

We are more than


Young kids with

Zero idea of how to love each other.