The Cell: Part One


Megan Najarian, Staff Writer

     Beverly sat in her bed, alone. Just like every night, she read her book before closing her eyes. Her bed was lonely, like her life. The ninety-seven year old had no family, kids, friends, anything. They all passed away before her, leaving her to wait for her own time to join them. She laid in her empty bed with the warm light from her bedside table lamp shining over her. As she slowly drifted into the night, she did not realize that it would be her soul’s last time on Earth. She always imagined what would happen, but she never imagined this.
     She awoke to a white room that was empty and silent. The white lights in the room illuminated every corner, outlining a small door. Beverly thought about what she looked like, making a mirror magically appear in the corner of the room. She was small and young, dressed like an innocent child. It was not long before she realized that this specimen standing in front of her was herself when she was a teenager. Her deep wrinkles that used to project her age were gone, leaving baby-smooth skin. Beverly knew that she liked being a teenager the most in her life, but not just for her looks. As she remembered her life with her family that year, they suddenly appeared in front of her: her mom, dad, and big brother, Ethan. Their house slowly gathered in the background, reminding her of a beautiful summer day so many years ago. She felt the soft, freshly cut grass beneath her toes as the sun released a warm ray of glistening sunlight upon her skin.
     “Mom!” Beverly shouted. “I missed you guys so much.”
     Tears welled in her eyes as she felt the warm embrace of her family members from so long ago. As they hugged her, she felt no pain, which was unlike the discomforts in her old body. Beverly gathered herself before releasing her tight grasp. She walked inside the quaint colonial she lived in so long ago, and all the memories washed over her. The times her father wrestled her and her brother on the bed as kids, or watching Jeopardy each evening to see if they could get the next question right and stay up later. All the good, all the bad, every memory she could think of.
     The family sat down and talked for hours. Just as the sun set, they decided to go to sleep, which was well deserved. Beverly did not realize how exhausted she would be after that day. She got ready for bed and slipped back into the warm sheets of her childhood, before closing her eyes without the loneliness that used to surround her.
     As the day rolled back around again, Beverly woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes and syrup that her mother always served on weekends. Every day was filled with wonder as Beverly remembered more and more from her lively childhood, but there was something keeping her from knowing everything that remained in the back of her mind.
     After spending her new life with her family for a few days, Beverly started to realize that something was off with their behavior. She started to drift away from the feeling of comfort when around her family members. Every day seemed to just be a repeat of the same food, jokes, and actions. Pancakes were served every morning, and Beverly began to feel sick from their sweet smell. She could not release a real laugh when her father told the same joke each day. Beverly started to doubt if these people were actually who they said they were.
     She sat alone in her room, tears rolling down her face as she held her head in her knees. All she wanted to do was be alone.
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The Cell: Part One