The Cell: Part Two


Megan Najarian, Staff Writer

     Just as Beverly wished for a silence from her family, the house disappeared back into the white room she entered before. Her head lifted from her hands to see the wish she was seeking, and she slowly got to her feet. She began to realize that her real family was alone, without her. The small slit in the wall from before did not have a handle attached to it. She knew she was locked up.
     Beverly felt the loneliness creep up her back again, and she longed for her family. Somebody was keeping her in this room. As more anger built up in her system, Beverly lunged her body at the door. She flew backward, landing on her rear. She continuously launched herself at the door, denting it with each hit, until the metal hinges gave way.
     A long white hallway lined with the same metal doors stretched before her. Small metal plates with numbers were on each door as if it was a hotel. As Beverley’s eyes covered each corner of the walkway, a man appeared around the corner.
     “Hey! Stop right there!” he yelled to her.
     His dark black clothing clashed with the white walls like a puma in the Arctic.
     Beverly sprinted way as the man started to chase her. Once at the end of the hall, she took a left, then continued to run down the halls, going left, right, right, left. The footsteps behind her were fading but approaching. An elevator appeared at the end of one hallways. Beverly rapidly clicked the button that pointed down, and it glowed bright blue. The footsteps grew louder and louder until the door opened and she clicked the close button. Just as the door was one inch away from closing, she saw the man again. There were beads of sweat collecting on the forehead of his angered face as it disappeared behind the metal doors.
     The small space which carried Beverly downward was swiftly stopped when her finger hit the emergency button. She took the next few seconds to gather her breath and allow herself to think of a plan before vulnerably stepping out of the elevator. A map of the building’s floor plan was pasted to the inside of the metal elevator. Beverly ran her finger around the paths until she reached a large storage closer.
     “Maybe I can find something here,” she thought.
     She clicked the button with a large letter B on it, symbolizing the basement. Beverly memorized the path to the closet as she felt the elevator descending. As the door opened, she found another white hallways. Footsteps were coming towards her, and Beverly panicked. She jumped to move the elevator light above her and pulled herself up. Beverly sat in the darkness on top of the machine as the shadow of the man leaned into it. Her warm breath shook in the echoing cavity of the room.
     The man walked away after his search of the elevator and continued down the hall. Beverly slowly lowered herself down the hole and walked into the hall. She walked along the slim hallways, turning in each direction she memorized. When taking her last left, she witnessed the backside of another guard. She quickly retracted her body being the wall, and felt a door handle stab into her back. She could hear the guard walk away, so Beverly leaned her palm on the handle, falling back into the room. She grabbed the door and softly closed it before it could bang back into its metal socket. Beverly turned around to see the room standing before her.
     In an amazed tone, she said “Wow.”
     A room displaying millions of lighted buttons appeared, each housing a named sticker beneath them. One other button was sitting off to the side with a different label on it.
     The button read, “select all.” Below this button were several others, but the one that stuck out to Beverly appeared the say “release” in a pale blue light.
     The guard passed by the room, looking in through the small window.
     “Hey!” he yelled. “Get out of there!”
     Beverly pressed the “release” button along with the other button that read “select all”.
     The guard pushed her onto the ground, but the damage was done.
     “What did you do?” he shouted in terror.
     Lights were blaring, and sirens hummed around them.
     Beverly remembered being trapped in her room, alone, and now, somehow, being free. The lost souls in each room were no longer trapped in their cells because of one swift push of a button delivered from her fingertip.
     Beverly listened to the sounds blur together and thought, “Now, I just need to find my family.”
     Suddenly, it was silent. Beverly opened her eyes to see herself back in the lonely white room. There were big dents in the door from her struggles.
     “I never got out,” she whispered.
     Tears began forming in Beverley’s eyes again – angry tears. The feelings of freedom and individuality that were passing through her veins dissipated, and sadness took their place. It was all a dream performed by the cell she was trapped in.