Jazz Piano


Madelyn Miyares, Staff Writer

The worst nights

Make the best songs.

And the worst rights

Are the best wrongs.


Ask myself if I’ll sleep.

I might…?


‘Cause the worst fights

Make the nights long.


Long like the song that never ends

Long like the bond of “forever friends…”

Should I make amends?

Or just say amen


As I pray for a day when the sun will rise;

And the pain will die,

Along with all the lies

That your words supply.


Will you ever reply to my plight?

Will I fall asleep tonight?

Will I win this fight?

Or will you ruin my sight


Of the world I loved?

Of the girl I was?

Of the sun that shone

While my life was blown

To pieces.


Thank you for reading my thesis:

The Tale of A Life In Recess.

A Childhood Torn At The Seams Just

To Seem




But I’m nervous that

These words will fall


That these rhymes will not stack

Up to the



I lack.