Top 10 Suggestions for Celebrating Holidays During a Pandemic


Amelia Valente, Chief Editor

As we approach 10 months living through a pandemic, it is everyone’s responsibility to find new and creative ways to connect with one another and do our part to slow the spread of this virus. We have experienced first-hand how all aspects of society have been impacted by this new way of life. The holiday season will inevitably look different this year, and many families will have to alter their holiday traditions and celebrations to maintain health and safety and follow public health guidelines. Here are my top 10 suggestions for you and your family to have a fun, but more importantly safe, holiday season:


10.) BYOTD- bring your own turkey dinner. Get together safely with a few friends outdoors for a Friendsgiving! Have everyone bring a plate of their favorite Thanksgiving foods and enjoy the company

9) Virtual Thanksgiving! Set up those computers and eat Thanksgiving alongside your favorite aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents over zoom. Added bonus: you won’t even need to pass the stuffing.

8.) Secret Santa meets ding-dong ditch! Drop off presents or treats for your friends on their doorsteps, find a quick hiding place, and watch their reaction from a safe distance.

7.) Break out those holiday themed masks and meet up with some friends at an outdoor Christmas light display. Walk around together and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

6.) Cookie swap! Have each of your friends or family members bake and decorate different cookies, and then take a drive around town to make some sweet deliveries

5.) Grab your coziest blankets and most stylish masks and have an outdoor bonfire; hot chocolate and fresh cookies will keep you and your friends warm as you discuss the contents of your Christmas lists.

4.) Make a donation to your local food bank or favorite charity this season! Spread the holiday joy beyond your family and friends to help others in need.

3.) Send some holiday cards or messages to local nursing homes or older family members who may be feeling isolated during this holiday season.

2.) Purchase holiday gifts from small, independently-owned businesses or get take out from your favorite local restaurant! Small businesses need our help now more than ever, and this holiday season is the perfect time to show them that we care.

1.) Rediscover the family traditions you may have overlooked in times when life was busier: bake more cookies, decorate your tree with even more ornaments, and watch all of the classic Christmas movies. When you look back on this time a few years from now, remember that you and your family made the best out of this unconventional and unique holiday season.