To Party or Not to Party: The Holiday Season of 2020


Kendall Dexter, Staff Writer


This year is different from any other. From social distancing to online classes, there was no anticipation of the chaotic year that we would call 2020. As the holiday season is coming up, many are wondering, what happens now? It has been recommended all year that we stay home and away from family and friends. This has been a challenge for many. Normally, the holiday season is the time of year that we can all relax and enjoy each other’s company, but with this harrowing and endless pandemic, many are reconsidering their holiday celebrations. I certainly never would have thought that hand sanitizer and face masks would be this year’s greatest Christmas gift. Therefore, the question we are currently asking ourselves is: to party or not to party?

There are many ways in which people are considering altering their Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. This, according to the CDC, is the best way to celebrate. The CDC recommends only small household gatherings or larger virtual gatherings. Their website explains that anyone who has not been living with you in your space will create a higher risk for COVID-19. Therefore, this type of multiple household gathering should be avoided. Not only does the CDC recommend small gatherings, they are also recommending wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and frequent hand washing. These recommendations are not ideal; they interfere with the enjoyment of the holiday season and are frustrating to many families.

Although to some, wearing a mask, social distancing, and hand washing seem to be second nature at this point, many are not allowing this pandemic to impact the most wonderful time of the year. They believe that this pandemic has taken too much from them, and this is something that they have control over. People are understandably frustrated and angry at the world. Taking back this holiday season may be the only way for some to feel as though they have not lost everything. This can be an issue because as people begin to celebrate and interact normally with others, the rates of COVID-19 will begin to skyrocket. Although many do not seem to worry about their own health, it is important that we protect those around us. 

There are two sides to this argument. One that is concerned about the pandemic and status of COVID-19 cases, and another that simply wants to spend time with family. Both arguments are valid, and neither are known to be the right answer. Many are tired of letting this pandemic take away time from their lives and from their family. Others believe that maybe if we wait just a little longer, and everyone wears a mask, that COVID-19 will be abolished. These dilemmas that have been showing up all year are unknown and do not have a simple solution. The best option right now may be to let people do what they believe is right, and leave it up to the scientists. Until a vaccine is developed, we could be seeing this pandemic in our society for a lot longer. But, should this impact our holiday spirit? No one really knows.