Dusk to Dawn


Sofia Wilson, Staff Writer



I watch the sky’s multicolored haven pave the way for Nyx.

She ambles slowly, 


through the domain before her.

I watch her and I watch the colors

as they shift – yellow, pink, orange, gone –

and the blanket of night wraps around my soul.

There is salt on my cheeks and

the goddess wipes it away.

When I thank her, she only smiles.

“Do not thank me, young sister.

You do not yet know the goddess that you are.”





Artemis is in her sky as

she watches me.

She knows me.

She knows my name, 

she knows my ache as though

I am within her chest.

I recognize my reflection in her eyes.

I ask her my name, and she scolds me:

“Moonchild! You know your name.”

The stars glisten above my head –

I cannot tell where the universe ends

and where I begin.




The curtain lifts from behind my eyelids

and I squint in the light of morning.

My pillow is wet, my mouth is dry,

but I wake, nonetheless.

Athena’s owl sits on my windowsill, and she smiles.

There is hope in the light 

and it reaches the corners of my heart

that darkness had yet to comfort.

I am alone with myself, 

but I am not lonely.

A goddess is all I have been.

I reach up towards the sky and smile – 

I know my name.