The Upcoming Year of Theatre at MHS

Kendall Dexter, Staff Writer


During the pandemic, and even still, the theatre community has encountered countless new obstacles. From canceling shows for fear of uprisings in COVID-19 cases, to Broadway rehearsals and theatres closing completely, theatre communities across the country have undergone significant changes. The theatre program at MHS has endured similar challenges. The past school year, the number of cast and crew members had been limited significantly, and putting on a musical was completely out of the picture. However, in regards to this upcoming 2021-2022 school year, the theatre program is back. As far as we currently know, there will be both a play and a musical. There are still important protocols to follow, and caution to be taken, but getting involved in theatre this year will be a wonderful treat as we begin to return to normalcy. 

The play chosen for this year’s first show at MHS is “Chasing Charming.” This play is a modern twist on your classic fairy tales. With elegant princesses and charming princes, audiences follow the adventures of several princesses as they persevere through various challenges to save Prince Charming. This story is both new and exciting as, unlike most typical fairy tales, the princesses come to rescue the prince, instead of the other way around. In the spring, the MHS theatre department will put on the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” This musical follows the adventures of the iconic “Peanuts” characters on a typical day. Audiences watch as the characters form friendships and strengthen relationships all while singing a cheerful selection of music. 

A lot has been considered when selecting these two productions. This year’s theatre directors have explained the complicated, yet necessary, process of navigating restrictions. It was of great importance to follow the suggested guidelines but still ensure that the shows put on this year will be entertaining to those who choose to watch. Specifically, social distancing was taken much into consideration. When selecting these shows, Mrs. Cunningham and Ms. Lando were careful to ensure that cast members could, for the most part, socially distance themselves on stage. With this, both productions are meant to require a lower number of cast members than during a typical year. Considering the thought involved in choosing this year’s shows, the theatre performances this year should not only be safe but fun and engaging. 

As an audience member, there are still some precautions that will be taken during the performances of these theatre productions. It is extremely important that, if you are planning on attending a performance, that you are aware of a few protocols. Cast members, crew members, as well as all audience members, will be required to wear masks throughout the performances. Unlike last year, there will not be a limit on attendees. However, it will be expected that the audience spreads out throughout the auditorium based on families and friend groups. These precautions will ensure that all participants involved in theatre performances will be safe throughout the entirety of each performance. With this being said, taking these factors into consideration should not limit the excitement of the theatre program’s full return to stage. 

Overall, despite the negatives, the theatre program at MHS has grown and improved. There has been a lot of time to consider and reconsider ideas and new concepts. Leadership positions have been solidified, and general organization of the program has improved. Building connections between both cast and crew members is one of the major benefits that has come throughout the past year. In all, The theatre community at MHS has become stronger and more united than ever before. With all of this in mind, we welcome back theatre at MHS and hope to see you on opening night.