A New Kind of Valentine’s Day

Carmela Martinelli , Staff Writer

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s day is a specific day out of the 365 days of the year where people are expected to have a significant other to celebrate with a romantic dinner, chocolates, and even the classic spread of rose petals. Valentine’s day was made to be a holiday that celebrates love and all that that entails, although, as a society, we have made it much more than that, we have made it so that it solely concentrates on intimate relationships rather than all of the love that surrounds us and all other relationships with significance in our lives.

What about a new kind of Valentine’s Day? What about a self love Valentine’s Day, one that highlights the relationship you have with yourself. What if this holiday brought people closer to themselves, what if it drew your attention to all the great things about yourself, such as what you love about yourself, what you can work on within yourself, all the things you enjoy doing in your life that creates happiness within you. Instead, this would allow for people to see the true value and worth within themselves, that maybe needing others is an add on in life rather than a necessity.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a significant other, CELEBRATE!!! But for the people who are spending a year alone on Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and find ways to show and celebrate the beautiful YOU! Be your own Valentine.