First Musical at MHS in Three Years!


Kendall Dexter, Staff Writer

This past weekend the MHSTW put on “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” This is the first musical that MHS has put on in three years. After COVID-19 prevented the performance of “Bye Bye Birdie” producing a musical has been out of the question. However, this school year, the MHSTW successfully performed a musical with few restrictions. The show “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” served as a wholesome and familiar production to bring our community together after a long period of being apart. 

In order to put on this production, effective casting and rehearsing were vital. After auditioning, students were chosen to play the main characters as well as participate in the ensemble. The performers involved in this year’s musical put on a truly outstanding performance, particularly considering the lack of musicals in previous years. Many of the main characters were played by seniors of MHS who were looking to wrap


up their high school experience with one last musical. Another aspect necessary for a musical is the pit orchestra. Many members of the band and orchestra at MHS auditioned, practiced, and rehearsed music to enhance the lighthearted environment of the Peanuts crew.

Outside of the cast and performers, the crew played a significant role in the success of this musical. This group of hardworking students was essential to create scenery, props, lighting, and sound for the show. There were large amounts of painting, building, and organizing necessary to the success of this production. The process of preparing for a musical was challenging to return to after the long period of time being away from theatre. There are more aspects to consider than in the fall play, requiring more effort and crew members. Over the course of a few months, the crew painted scenery and built props for the stage. If you saw the show, you likely noticed Snoopy’s doghouse. This was completely built and painted by the crew. 


After the musical was completely prepared for and ready for performances, it was up to the audience to make or break the show. On opening night, there was an excess of audience members. The three years between this year’s show and the last MHS musical production have been long and challenging. Waiting in anticipation, the audience took their seats eager to watch the performers on stage portray some of their favorite Peanuts characters. The MHS spring musical of 2022 has truly brought our community together. It has reunited MHS and families of Milford, allowing many to reconvene and reconnect through lighthearted music and storytelling.