Beautification Day ‘22 in Milford


Elsie Sutherland, Staff Writer

On April 23rd, 2022, Citizens for Milford hosted its annual Beautification Day. Beautification Day is a yearly event in which anyone comes out and “beautifies” Milford. From 9 AM to 1 PM, community members gathered at the parking lot straight across from the Sacred Heart Church on Main Street. The event organizers gave assignments to groups of people on where they should clean up litter. They gave out matching neon vests, gardening gloves, and large trash bags to all of the volunteers. Anyone had the chance to participate. 

If you regularly drive by the Eastside of Milford’s own Stop & Shop, you may have noticed a large difference in litter on the side of Beaver Street.  In just an hour and a half, one group of ten filled up around fourteen largely-sized trash bags with plastic bags, newspapers, Styrofoam, plastic bottles, and more. 

After volunteers completed their assignments, everyone returned to the original parking lot and returned their supplies (graciously donated by local companies like Amazon). The Milford Lions Club gave out freshly-grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chips to anyone who helped beautify Milford. The event continued until 1 PM. Next year’s Beautification Day will most likely take place on April 22, 2023, so make sure to keep a lookout for how to participate next year!