Body Positivity Reminders for the Warm Weather Season


Sarah Leite, Staff Writer

Summer is a time of happiness, fun, and relaxation for most. Unfortunately for many, this is also a time of insecurity. As the heat rises, people start wearing less and less clothes, leaving their body more visible to the outside world. This can leave a lot of people feeling more exposed and unhappy with themselves. 

According to Do Something .Org approximately 95% of women are unhappy with their bodies, and only about 5% naturally possess society’s “ideal” body shape. This means that 158.4 million women in the United States alone have some form of body insecurity that can be exposed in the summer. Because of this, it is important not to make comments on other people’s bodies this summer, whether that is their weight, stretch marks, scars, or body hair. By doing so, it is risking someone’s mental wellbeing being affected in a negative way. Also, someone’s body doesn’t affect anyone else except themselves, so there is no reason to comment about it in the first place.

The first step is simply not pointing out other people’s “imperfections”. After that, comes accepting that these are normal attributes of the human body. Most beauty standards were created out of unrealistic expectations for especially women, and men. Features like stretch marks and body hair come naturally to everybody, and it isn’t something that should be shamed in society. Everyone has a different body type and weight as well, and it isn’t other people’s job to judge whether someone’s body type is healthy or not. Some are naturally larger than others, and others are smaller. 

Lastly, as we learn to accept other bodies, it is important to accept our own as well. Don’t be ashamed by your unshaven legs poking out of your shorts, or your less-than-flat stomach showing from your bikini. Acceptance comes from within, and your value is much more than just your body. Don’t let a negative attitude ruin this summer and remember to enjoy, relax, and have fun with your loved ones!