MHS Connections Program

Sarah Leite, Staff Writer

College is easy to get into when someone has good grades, is financially well, and has good connections. Unfortunately for many, the only thing that they have from the list prior mentioned is good grades. Luckily, in Milford High School, there is a program for those that are exactly in that situation. 

Connections is a program for students with good grades but who are not financially stable. To be invited to apply for the program, one has to have at least a 4.0 GPA and is qualified for free or reduced lunch. Furthermore, only freshmen are invited to join, except for this year which had both freshman and sophomore invitees (this year was an expectation because freshmen last year weren’t invited to join due to COVID-19). Once invited to join, there is an informational meeting that is a requirement to attend if someone is interested in applying. After attending the meeting and making the decision to apply, there is a Google Form that must be filled out. The Google Form includes questions like “Why are you interested in applying?” and “Tell us a time that you were committed to something and went through with that commitment?”. Once accepted into the program, everyone is connected with a mentor, who aids them with applying to colleges, choosing a career, and connecting with people that can help you out in the future, hence the name. 

One of the biggest attributes that they look for in applicants is commitment. Many of the questions in the application form ask for proof about one’s ability to commit. Mr. Otlin also specifies that if they feel that someone isn’t committed to the program or their mentor, they have the right to kick that person out of the program. Commitment is an important part of this program because you are having the opportunity to have the aid of someone who knows their way around college applications and career positions, who is also committed to helping you. In addition, all of the mentors who are a part of this program are volunteers, meaning that they are there because they truly care about you and want to help you. 

For any eight graders who are financially struggling and who are interested in joining next year, this is a great chance to start focusing on your grades. Opportunities like these are hard to come by. There are no fees, the mentors are incredibly caring and helpful, and it will help you a lot in the future. Take advantage of this opportunity and the kindness of these kind mentors, who are willing to put time and effort into you and your success.