MHS Theatre Presents Alice in Wonderland

Michael Parke, Staff Writer

As many may know, Milford High School’s Theatre Workshop is presenting Alice in Wonderland, the play, in the auditorium on these following dates: November 17th and 18th at 7:00 PM and November 19th at 2:00 PM. Students are five dollars and adults ten.

This is not a 1960s, hippie psychedelic fiasco with swirling props and tempting candy (some of us students may sigh at that). No, this is based off of Lewis Carroll’s books, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the former’s sequel. For those who don’t know the basic plot of the first story, Alice somehow slips into a rabbit hole that leads her to a wondrous land filled with crazy people, cards that talk and a queen off her head. People don’t seem particularly interested in her well-being; some are rather cross. Nevertheless, we as readers follow her as she goes on the strange journey. In the second story she goes into a mirror, arriving at a place equally strange. Everything is backwards, and of course there’s the jabberwocky poem. These novels may be classified as nonsense literature, but this production is anything but.

I had an news reporter’s viewpoint on Tuesday night. Looking around, there were people with their own little territories, marked by blankets and personal items. All that was needed were a couple of tents to make it some sort of strange war. Casual conversations took place left and right. Refreshments sat ready at the end of the hallway. As an outsider to all of this, one of the thoughts I had was “Theatre kids are crazy. I walk in the halls with these people and sometimes overhear their conversations, but I never thought a club outside of sports was like this.” Willing to sacrifice something more than just time, this unique clique of dedicated students seemed to give the air a certain buzz during rehearsals that’s sure to permeate through to the audience during the official performances. Swift hands and feet tirelessly pushed and pulled behind the curtains, hardly needing a word by either Ms. Girouard or Caitlyn Tolpin, the director. The performances went off without a hitch; any technical problems were fixed with speed and caution. Monday through Thursday, from five to as long as was deemed necessary (I stayed for three and a half hours), they worked. “The entire cast, crew and tech is ecstatic about putting on such a well known, comedic show,” says Tolpin. “…we have never put on quite a show like this.”

Some praise should be given to these various people: Skylar Peck heads the tech; Andrea Reyes and Emily Chapman the crew; and Eilat Tabak the cast—excellent people for the jobs at hand. The main characters are Alice (Jillian Kelley), the White Rabbit (Tadiwa Chitongo), the Queen of Hearts (Maddie Meyers) and the Caterpillar (Jonathan Keene).

This performance is being done by a group of dedicated people that love what they’re doing. Their culture and sense of pride is almost palpable. Different from Our Town, a play performed last year, Alice in Wonderland is more comedic, enabling the audience to experience a different side of the Workshop, a side displayed by some of the hardest working members of this school. So come on in and watch. And don’t forget to have fun.