Zumba for a Cause!

Julianne Lesch, Associate Editor

In the wake of the natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria and earthquakes, Spanish National Honor Society and Global Citizenship, two globally active clubs in MHS, are teaming up to present Zumba for a Cause. Zumba for a Cause will be a three hour long Zumbathon held on December 12th, from 4pm-7pm at the Marchegiano Club, 32 Mead Street, Milford, MA. The entrance fee to this event will be six dollars for students and eight dollars for other members of the community. All are welcome to come, and all proceeds will be donated to charities that are aiding the rebuilding of communities in Puerto Rico and Mexico!

Zumba for a Cause flyer

Hurricane Maria was a category 5 hurricane that hit the island of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean on September 16th, resulting in an estimated cost of 103.45 billion dollars in damages. Today, the island is still in need of help, as roughly half of the island is still without power, with great damage to the infrastructure of the islands.

At the end of September, Mexico was hit with another natural disaster; an earthquake. While places like Texas and the Caribbean were dealing with the aftermath of various hurricanes and tropical storms, Mexico City was experiencing a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed 155 people and toppled roughly 60 buildings. Both places are still in the process of rebuilding, so please considering joining the cause on Tuesday!