What to Buy Family and Friends for Christmas

Anna Belle Murray, Staff Writer

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Are you in need for ideas on what to get your mom, dad, sister, brother, or friends for christmas? This list will give you some inspiration and you might have to add some things to your wish list as well!


For the TV lover


Smartphone projector

The smartphone projector will give the movie lover the big screen in the comfort of their own home.

Luckies of London Ltd $20 on amazon



Bob’s Burgers cookbook

This cookbook is perfect for a Bob’s Burgers fan. Let your loved ones feel like Bob or Linda Belcher while cooking delicious meals.

$13.82 from Barnes and Noble



TV Inspired Stickers

For a cheap and fun gift, give away these cute sit-com inspired stickers!

These stickers are only $2 on etsy



Stranger Things Shirt

Get your friend that is hooked on Stranger Things, a shirt to proudly flaunt around school.

This shirt is $14.99 from Target



For the cook


Tasty Cookbook

Customize a Tasty cookbook for a friend, so they can make those recipes that they always share on facebook!

$24+ from Buzzfeed’s Tasty Shop



Pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet

Let your loved one make you all of the skillet recipes that they have saved to their pinterest.

Get one for $24.99 on amazon


Electric Knife Sharpener

There is nothing worse (and more dangerous) than cooking with a dull knife so spare the cook and his/her fingers from that terrible situation with this knife sharpener.

$24.95 on Amazon



A Cute Apron

Get your favorite cook a fancy apron to inspire them to make amazing pies and cookies.

This apron is $24.18 from etsy


For the lover of all things luxurious


Oil diffusing necklace

Give this gift to your stressed friend who needs some lavender essential oil to relax.

$17.95 on etsy



Face Masks


Give the gift of beautiful skin with these amazing face masks.

This pack of five masks is available at target for $19.99



Bath Bombs


Give your aesthetic friend the bathbomb of their vsco dreams.

These Moon’s Harvest Bath Bombs are $19 for a six pack on Amazon



Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

This Oil Diffuser will give your loved one’s room all the right vibes and essences. If they already have an oil diffuser, essential oils are also a great gift!

This diffuser is on sale for $28 on Amazon currently.


For the number one sports fan


Clown Tshirt

Get this for your family member who hates Goodell more than anyone.

$25 on Barstool Sports Store



Comeback Shirt

Get this for your family member who wants to relive the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history everyday.

$25 on Barstool Sports Store



Red Sox Hat

This classic red sox hat is best for the most loyal red sox fan.

$9.49 from Target



NBA 2K18

Let your favorite basketball fan experience the game through the tv with the new NBA 2K18 video game.

$39.99 from Target

For the coffee addict (or tea lover)


Mug Warmer

This warmer will keep the coffee lover’s mug warm on the winter days in New England

$7 on amazon



Honey Dew Gift Card

With honey dew donuts right down the street from mhs, this gift is perfect for the high school student who needs coffee to get through the day. I mean, get them a dunkin donuts gift card if you want but honey dew all the way 🙂

Buy them from Honey Dew $1+



Teavana PerfecTea Maker

I have a Teavana Tea maker and it’s very easy to make tea in and it makes perfectly brewed tea every time. You can get your friends slightly overpriced but delicious teavana tea leaves too!

$29.95 from Teavana



A reusable Coffee Cup on the go


This coffee cup is convenient for busy mornings and it will save money from making the extra stop at Dunkin Donuts. This cup is also glass and reusable, so the environment will thank you.

This cup is $28 on Amazon

For the person that’s always cold


Electric blanket for the car

If you want eternal friendship, get this for someone. Just trust me.

$23.39 on amazon


Plush Robe

A robe is perfect for making a loved one feel both warm and luxurious. It’s also really nice for a college student for going from the bathroom back to the dorm.

This one is $60 from TopShop




The L.L. Bean slippers are very high in quality and are guaranteed to last through the winter. These moccasins are super soft and will keep.

The Wicked Good Moccasins are $79 from L.L. Bean


A onesie

The onesie is arguably the coziest type of pajama. It will keep your loved one warm all winter. This one is from amazon for $19.99



For the *aesthetic* friend


Polaroid Camera

Buy this camera for the person in your life whose instagram is #goals. Polaroid film is also a great present for a person who already has a polaroid camera!

$129 camera from urban outfitters, $18.99 film from amazon




This is perfect for the friend that has succulent pins on their backpack. These plants are easy to take care of and pretty hard to kill. I mean they are possible to kill (I may or may not have killed my succulent plant) but hard nonetheless.

Get a collection for $13.99 on Amazon



Fairy Lights

Give your friend the tumblr bedroom they have always dreamed of with these fairy lights. They also look amazing in college dorms.

Get these lights for $17.99 on Amazon



A Journal

Give your aesthetic friend a cool notebook so they can write down their feelings in an obscure coffee shop that you haven’t heard of.

This journal is $9 on amazon



For the foodie friend


Subscription to Treats


This subscription box will send your foodie friend a box of snacks every month from other countries.

$13.95+ a month



Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Yes, it’s true. You can buy a package of lucky charms marshmallows and have it delivered to your door. You’re welcome.

1lb bag for $10.99 on amazon



Microwave Pasta Cooker

This microwave pasta maker is perfect for the college kid who is getting sick of ramen and wants some boxed pasta instead.

Get it from Amazon for $14.50



1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die Book

This Foodie bucket list will give your loved one food-inspiration. Maybe to top off this present, you could attempt to cook them one of these meals.

$14.27 on Amazon

As Seen on TV


Bowl Brite

For those dark nights, light up the life of a loved one by gifting them with a festive toilet light!

$9.95 from asseenontv.com



Moo Mixer

Why would you ever make your loved one mix chocolate into their milk when you could give them a cool cup that mixes it with a click of a button!

$14.99 from asseenontv.com


Disposable Adult Bibs

These are very helpful for that moment when grandma has one too many glasses (or bottles) of wine.

$9.99 from asseenontv.com



Super Sippers

Gift these to your younger siblings or cousins or even your frat boy older brother. I can just see the frat boy showing his boys this cool gift on Saturday Night.

$9.95 on asseenontv.com