The Aftermath of the Hayward Injury

Griffin Reisman, Staff Writer

On October 17, 2017 the NBA regular season began. As any other opening day there was a lot of fans watching the games. The first game to start was the Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers. This game was the focus point of opening night maining because of Kyrie’s return and the clash for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. With the game neck and neck it was intense. Around six minutes left in the first quarter, an unexpected injury plagued a great athlete filled with so much potential.

    With 6:51 left in the first quarter Kyrie Irving made an alley oop attempt for Gordon Hayward that he missed off the rim. Only when he landed you could hear a loud thud and fans turn away. Right away viewers watching saw a remarkable injury and a image that will never leave the minds of those who watched it live: Hayward’s ankle was turned at a 90 degree angle. Immediately, Hayward was taken off the court in a stretcher and treated in the locker room.

Hayward suffered a Dislocated Ankle and a Fractured Left Tibia. With a big piece of the Celtics super team gone it was looking like that they were gonna struggle. That night the Celtics lost 102-99, and with Hayward out it looked like the season was over before it really got started. Or was it over?

    With a game against the Bucks the next night and the fly back home with a injured Hayward, the Celtics had to perform their best. Without their starting superstar they needed to adjust fast. That night the Celtics lost to the Bucks 108-100 and started the season 0-2.

That night  the Celtics were gametime ready, but not mentally ready to play. With the worst record in the Eastern Conference at this point. It was unclear how they would do during the season. The Celtics needed to figure things out fast if they were gonna win. With Kyrie leading the way alongside Brown, Tatum, and Horford, the Celtics were not done yet. They were just getting started and needing to make way for the young guys to fill in Hayward’s shoes. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have helped out tremendously. Brown and Tatum are both scoring double digit points a night and playing excellent defense. The Celtics were clicking together quicker than people thought.

Since, the Hayward injury the Celtics have gone 10-1 with currently a 10 game winning streak. The Celtics are number one in the conference and have the best record in the NBA currently standing at 10-2. They have rebounded so quickly and are playing at their very best. With the Celtics dominating it will only be a matter of time before Hayward will return and make them even better. Hayward has already said that he will not return this season, but next season the super team will be alive. The Celtics are stunning the NBA right now and it will only be a matter of time before they raise banner 18 in the Garden above Gordon Hayward’s head.