There is a New Meaning to ‘Clowning Around’


"It" movie poster

"It" movie poster

Megan Najarian, Staff Writer

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After a long twenty-seven years the clown that haunts us all has returned. The Locus award nominee for best fantasy novel and many more has come back to the screens. Based on the 1987 novel, “It,” is a truly horrifying story of a group of kids that investigate the kidnappings that take place in Derry, Maine. The mini-series that was released in 1990 has been brought back, but this time, in theaters.


Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, has cursed the town of Derry and comes back every twenty-seven years to feed off of his victims. When one specific child is taken, a group of kids start to piece these events together. The Losers Club consists of Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stanley Uris, and Mike Hanlon, and though they each have their deficiencies, together they are strong. The actors portraying these brave characters are Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, and Chosen Jacobs. These actors are not well known, but with the popularity of “It” we are very likely to see these kids with big roles in the future.


The amazingly portrayed, disturbingly terrifying Pennywise is perfectly acted by Bill Skarsgård. He is known for his roles in Atomic Blonde, and Simple Simon, but most of all in the new “It”. Stephen King himself thought that Skarsgård’s performance was “great as Pennywise”. This character truly emphasizes the meaning to the legendary words, “You’ll float too”, in his captivating performance.


“It” came into theaters September 8th and had since made over six hundred million dollars in profit. This is a vast difference from the thirty-five million used to produce the movie. “It” has won the awards of highest-grossing opening weekend for a movie released in September, highest-grossing Stephen King adaptation, and even highest-grossing rated-R horror movie. With these large numbers we are expected to see many well known celebrities trying for a role in Chapter Two.


This is an extremely horrific movie that draws in the viewer, bringing them back in time to the 1980’s and it seems as if you are running from Pennywise as well. “It” is definitely worth experiencing more than once, and Chapter Two is going to be an agonizing wait for horror lovers, with the next movie coming back in 2019.

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There is a New Meaning to ‘Clowning Around’